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Prevention Workshop

Statistics show that 95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education. Educating adults and children is the most effective way to combat sexual abuse. We offer a two-hour workshop where you will learn more about what constitutes as non-contact and contact sexual abuse, what the grooming process looks like, behavioral and physical symptoms of sexual abuse to look out for, the link between sexual abuse and pornography, how to open the door to honest conversations with children, along with several other topics directly related to predatory behavior and how to get help if you believe a child is being sexually abused.

If you, your church, a company, or a group would like to set up a prevention workshop, please click the link below and complete the form.

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Online Workshop

We are online! We may be physically separated but we can still train adults on how to prevent sexual abuse from happening with our online educational training where parents, teachers, or anyone who desires to protect the vulnerable can virtually discover the truth about sexual abuse and how to better protect the ones they love. This training is $25, includes a copy of the Rise Magazine

Prevention Education Products

Prevention Education Magazine for Adults

The Rise magazine, which is used in conjunction with the prevention workshops, expands on the content in our Prevent workshops. It teaches practical ways to talk to children about sexual abuse, to address what is appropriate and inappropriate sexual behavior, and how to speak up if abuse has already taken place. This magazine has become a favorite resource since it can be referenced anywhere and anytime. We also offer two specific resources to help educate parents on human trafficking and pornography. The magazine is free, however, we ask that you cover the shipping.

Prevention Education Guide on Human Trafficking

The majority of us have this impression that human trafficking is an international dilemma. It’s something that happens far away from our homes and communities. Why? Because it’s a hidden crime, and we are not trained nor educated to identify the signs. But the reality is that human trafficking is happening right now in our cities, communities, and to the children close to our homes. It’s happening to the children that attend school with our children. And that’s why we created this booklet for parents so that they will better understand the problem and how to prevent it from happening to their family. This booklet covers topics like the stages of exploitation, symptoms of human trafficking, and how to empower our youth so they can stay safe! The booklet is free, however, we ask that you cover the shipping.

Prevention Education Guide on Pornography

In the sexual abuse epidemic that is happening across the globe, pornography is a tightly woven thread. Because of ever-changing technology, pornography is easier than ever for children and teens to access. And, many people are not aware of the impact pornography has on the brain, body, and relationships, in addition to its undeniable correlation to sexual abuse and sexual deviation. This booklet will provide you with insights, tools, and powerful statistics to help you navigate this important topic in today’s world. We have divided a variety of topics under two subheadings, one pertaining to children and one pertaining to adult behavior and its impact on children.

Prevention Education Magazine for Teens

Sexual abuse amongst teens is, unfortunately, widespread. Studies have found that one in four teen girls are verbally or physically pressured into having sex during their first year in high school. We have created two teen magazines, Saint and Royal, teaches what consent is, what teen dating violence is, how the internet plays a role in sexual assault, what is date rape and drugs commonly used in sexual assault. We want to give parents and teens every possible tool to keep their precious teens safe! The magazine is free, however, we ask that you cover the shipping. 

Prevention Education Books for Children

This age-appropriate series is tailored for children to aid parents in more ways they can protect the children in their life from being sexually abused. We will be creating a children’s book that teaches them all the anatomically correct names for their body parts. We want to give parents every possible tool in the fight to protect their children. 

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