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Statistics show that 95% of sexual abuse is preventable through education. Educating adults and children is the most effective way to combat sexual abuse. We offer a two-hour workshop where you will learn more about what constitutes as non-contact and contact sexual abuse, what the grooming process looks like, behavioral and physical symptoms of sexual abuse to look out for, the link between sexual abuse and pornography, how to open the door to honest conversations with children, along with several other topics directly related to predatorial behavior and how to get help if you believe a child is being sexually abused.

If you, your church, a company, or a group would like to set up a prevention workshop, please click the link below and complete the form.


We desire to see every child saved from sexual abuse. With this free resource, we encourage you to order a copy today for yourself and anyone you know with children. This magazine will teach you practical ways to talk to your child about sexual abuse, to address what's appropriate sexual behavior and what is inappropriate, and how to speak up if abuse has already taken place.


We are going virtual! We may be physically separated but we can still train adults on how to prevent sexual abuse from happening! The following are the dates for our Virtual Prevention Workshops on  September 12.


This Virtual Prevention Workshop offers an online educational training where parents, teachers, or anyone who desires to protect the vulnerable can virtually discover the truth about sexual abuse and how to better protect the ones they love. This training is $25, includes a copy of the Rise Magazine

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