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We've served over 5,500 people with our healing groups and prevention training classes. Your generous gift will help us train more parents on how to protect their children and bring more healing programs to women, men and teens. As a donation run organization, there are many ways you can monetarily help us. With your financial assistance, we can  help protect the next generation and change the face of sexual abuse.



At Trees of Hope, we’re not into quick fixes. We believe we’ve got to be ready to journey with people for the long haul, and monthly partnerships allow us to do just that. Because of regular donors, we can show up and do prevention workshops for free, give away the Rise magazine to all attendees, host healing groups, and partner with other organizations in our buy-one-give-one program to reach people both locally and internationally that don't have the ability to attend our workshop or healing group.


redesign healing curriculum

We were recently given the privilege of purchasing the rights to the curriculum we use for all of our healing programs. With this purchase comes several opportunities. The first opportunity is to reformat and refurbish the curriculum to be on-brand with everything else we have here at Trees of Hope. The second opportunity is separating the one book into a workbook and textbook, and creating multiple revenue sources from those (along with putting the textbook onto Audible and Kindle)!


We had such a positive response with our Rise magazine that we wanted to add the resources we offer by making something tailored for children to aid parents in more ways they can protect the children in their life from being sexually abused. We will be creating a children’s book that teaches them all the anatomically correct names for their body parts. We want to give parents every possible tool in the fight to protect their children.


We are working on launching our own YouTube channel in the new year. This resource will provide another means for someone to learn statistics, hear stories, and be educated on ways to prevent sexual abuse. We don’t want anyone to have an excuse when it comes to knowing how to prevent sexual abuse or how to heal from it. 


Sexual abuse amongst teens is, unfortunately, widespread. Studies have found that one in four teen girls are verbally or physically pressured into having sex during their first year in high school. We will be creating a teen’s book that teaches them what consent is, what teen dating violence is, and how the internet plays a role in sexual assault. We will also cover topics such as date rape and drugs commonly used in sexual assault. We want to give parents and teens every possible tool to keep themselves safe!


The Trees of Hope team recently completed a summer course at St. Thomas University’s Human Trafficking Academy at the doctoral level. We are excited to enhance and expand our prevention materials with all that we learned. With the reality that human trafficking is happening in our backyard, we want to give parents every possible tool in the fight to protect their families.


We recently noticed a trend after survivors come forward about their abuse. After they share their stories with their family, the parents of the victim are left feeling hopeless, wishing they could have done something different during the time of the abuse. The Reclaim study is specifically for parents and caregivers of survivors, who need to walk through the grieving process and experience their own healing from the abuse that affected their family.

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