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Online Learning Portal

Online Learning  for Prevention Education, Healing and Facilitator Training

Trees of Hope strives to meet the needs of our growing community of survivors and thrivers, even when we cannot meet in person physically. Our Online Learning Portal was designed to achieve the greatest impact in both prevention and healing through digital delivery. These prevention and healing modules provide opportunities to safeguard your children by becoming educated and involved in prevention awareness, walking through your own unique journey of healing from sexual abuse, and learning how to lead others through their own healing experience by becoming a Facilitator.

Prevent Online For Adults 

Prevent Online was designed to be an educational training where parents, teachers, or anyone who desires to protect the vulnerable can come and discover the truth about sexual abuse and how to better protect the ones they love.

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Shelter Online For Women

Our new Shelter Online and its accompanying curriculum is now available! Sue Koegel, our Regional Director in South Florida and trusted Facilitator for over 12 years, helped us create these new and life-changing videos! If you’re not ready for a group setting or if you’re located in a different area, this journey is ideal for you. Survivors often don’t know where to go to heal so we’re proud to provide you with an opportunity to access healing from the comfort and safety of your own space. 

Renew Online For Men

Renew Online, designed exclusively for men, is customized to work with an underserved group in the realm of sexual abuse. Renew Online is a safe way for men to learn key concepts and methods to begin the healing process. 

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Thorn Online For Teen Girls

Thorn Online is a free customized individual study designed to heal the hearts, minds, and spirits of teenage girls. Young women will learn ways to help them prevent destructive cycles and learn the truth about God's love, power, and forgiveness.

Nobleman Online For Teen Boys

Nobleman Online is our free individual healing study for teen boys! By deciding to do this study, you are admitting to yourself that something has happened to you that left you hurting and you want to experience freedom and healing from that.


Cultivate Online For Facilitators

Cultivate Online is our uniquely created Facilitator training program for women who are interested in leading one of our healing programs.

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