Trees of Hope Sexual Abuse Prevention and Healing

Survivor Care

Heal From the Trauma of Sexual Abuse.

Has your life been affected by sexual abuse?  We offer healing support groups for women, as well as personal studies for men, teen boys, and teen girls. Through this unique curriculum, sexual abuse survivors learn how to begin the restoration and healing process. By learning how to recognize and overcome destructive behaviors and life cycles, while learning about God’s forgiveness, love and power, participants will discover how to transform their lives. 


Shelter For Women

The Shelter program is geared toward women whose lives have been distorted by sexual abuse. This course helps participants recognize and halt destructive behaviors negatively affecting their lives today. In addition, the Shelter program teaches women how they can begin to make life-enhancing changes in their behavior patterns and actions. 

The Shelter program can be worked through in one of the following ways: 

  1. Shelter Groups, our in-person support groups.

  2. Shelter Virtual, our virtual support group with a live Facilitator.

  3. Shelter Online is a pre-recorded ver