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Prevention Program

What type of content does Trees of Hope cover at a prevention workshop?

We cover what defines contact vs. non-contact sexual abuse, what the grooming process looks like, behavioral and physical symptoms of sexual abuse to look out for, the link between sexual abuse and pornography, how to open the door to honest conversations with children, and several other topics directly related to predatorial behavior. We also go over the steps to take if you believe a child is being sexually abused. Because of the mature and explicit content of this workshop, we highly recommend that children are not present.

How long are prevention workshops?

Our workshops are typically two hours long—including set up and the Q&A time after the presentation. If needed, we can always shorten the presentation to an hour and a half, but we always recommend a full two hours so that the material can be covered properly and thoroughly.

How many people can attend a prevention workshop?

We love to see packed spaces when it comes to these workshops! As many people as the room allows are welcome to come and be educated in different ways to prevent sexual abuse! Due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, we have added virtual prevention workshops to our programming.

Where are prevention workshops hosted?

Anywhere! Church, school, business, a private room at a restaurant, mom groups, we even host them at people’s houses! We also offer virtual training workshops. If you would like to schedule one, please contact the Client Services Coordinator to learn more at

What resources does Trees of Hope provide at the prevention workshop?

Our workshops and the accompanying Rise magazine are completely free! We believe sexual abuse prevention education needs to be as accessible as possible to everyone! The resource provided at our prevention workshops is our Rise magazine. The Rise magazine comprises all the material covered in our presentation, along with additional examples, explanations, and statistics. We will have all of our prevention resources available for sale at the workshops. We offer an interactive children’s book for ages 4-7 that includes a parent guide, teen prevention magazines including parent guides, and guides on human trafficking and early exposure to pornography. 

Does Trees of Hope provide food or refreshments for this workshop?

Typically the organization, company, church, or host will provide some light snacks and beverages for attendees. If this is not feasible, we are happy to bring in some water bottles and light hors d'oeuvres for guests. Even though this is a heavy topic, we want the time to be enjoyable!

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