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Sexual Assault: How Trees of Hope is Helping People Go From Victim to Survivor to Thriver

Trees of Hope sexual abuse prevention

People across the world have intently watched as America has been divided between Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford’s testimony over the past few weeks. And while opinions on the case have run the gamut depending on whom you speak to, one thing is certain – the epidemic and issues surrounding sexual abuse are front and center. Never in America’s history has the topic been so widely discussed, with many survivors finally feeling safe enough, and brave enough, to share their story with others. Even men and women who have not experienced sexual abuse or assault are stepping forward and pledging to stand with victims and expose the perpetrators.

If you are a sexual abuse or assault survivor, or want to step in to help those who have been victimized, here is how to find the help you need to heal or get involved to help others:

If You Are a Sexual Abuse Survivor

First, if you are a victim of sexual abuse, and have never reached out to anyone, please know help is available to you. To begin, Trees Of Hope has multiple outreaches that can be utilized right away. Our Healing Group programs are uniquely designed for men, women, or teenagers. Three groups are currently available – Shelter, Thorn, and Restore. Here is a quick run down of what participants can take away from each group:

  • Shelter – The Shelter Healing Group is specifically for women whose lives have been altered because of sexual assault or abuse. Through this unique course, women can better recognize negative behavior that may stem from the event or experience, and how these destructive behaviors can affect their lives. The course also teaches participants how to make positive, Christ-honoring changes in their actions and behavior patterns.

  • Thorn – The Thorn curriculum has been exclusively designed by Trees Of Hope for young women between the ages of 14 and 17. Tools learned in this course help young women prevent destructive behavior patterns from occurring and quickly realizing any patterns that may currently be taking root. No matter where each young woman is in the healing process, we work with each person to heal from the traumatic event.

  • Restore – Solely designed for men, Restore meets the needs of an underserved group – men who have been sexually abused or assaulted. In most cases, men do not share their victimization with others. Restore helps men lower their guard, understanding they are in safe place where they can learn key concepts that will guide them through the healing process.

The mission behind all of our healing groups is to take the men and women from victim to survivor to thriver.

How You Can Help Prevent Sexual Abuse

Every 8 minutes, a child in America is sexually abused. Prevention is key! Our resources help parents, guardians, friends, etc. understand key points in preventing sexual assault, and what to do if sexual abuse is believed to be occurring in a child’s life. Trees of Hope offers RISE Magazine, our exclusive magazine filled with practical ways to teach children about sexual abuse, what is inappropriate behavior, and how to speak up.

We also have our new book, The Power of P in Me; this children’s coloring book teaches children between the ages of 3 – 5 about how to keep their body safe.

Last, you, your family, or your corporate staff can take part in one of our SAP Workshops. Our workshops are free and offer a wealth of information regarding prevention, steps to take if you suspect abuse is happening, statistics and more.

Go a Step Further

Are you passionate about helping those who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault? If so, you may want to consider being a program facilitator for Trees of Hope. Though our facilitator training is comprehensive, it will adequately prepare you to help create radical and healing change in the life of a survivor.

Have questions about any of our programs, trainings or outreaches? Speak to someone at Trees of Hope today at 954-533-2416 or browse our website.

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