Netflix’s Big Mouth is a Big No-No When it Comes to Keeping Your Children Safe

As a parent or guardian, you do all you can to keep your child safe. And while conversations about sex, sexuality, body parts, and how to set boundaries and recognize sexual abuse are key components to protecting your child, there is another area of your child’s life that will also need your attention – what they are watching in the media. One of the most recent aired programs filling our youth with inappropriate sexual education and imagery is Netflix’s Big Mouth.

While the show is touted as a cartoon sitcom that chronicles one boy’s experiences as he goes through puberty, the cartoon features a demon of lust that assists the young man in experiencing different types of sexual gratification in addition to other vulgarities. In just the first few minutes of the premiere episode of Season 1, viewers will see an up-close photo of a young boy’s penis, a picture of an adult man’s penis, a young girl speaking to her vagina, and a monster screaming for a young boy to be held down and a penis shoved into his mouth. This is in addition to offensive language, scenes of masturbation, themes of homosexuality, and depraved thoughts and sexual acts revolving around young boys and girls who, in the show, are in the 7th grade.

While Netflix touts their non-porn streaming policy, it is clear this cartoon sitcom straddles the line and is an explicit and demoralizing show that should not be accessed by children and teenagers.

Parents, rightly so, are in an uproar as Big Mouth encourages young boys and girls to be obsessed with sexual desires and gratification. In addition, the show takes aim at children displaying “good” behavior and supports bad behavior instead.

To help their children steer clear of this show on Netflix, parents have the option to setup a profile specifically for their children on the streaming site. When the app is launched, a “Who’s Watching” prompt will appear. Under this prompt, parents will have access to a “Manage Profiles” area where they can select age ranges and shows their child should have access to. You can also restrict content with a unique password – this can be found under the “Parental Controls” area in Settings.

To challenge Netflix regarding the airing of Big Mouth, which was just renewed for a second season, Citizen Go has created a petition, which currently has over 114,000 signatures.

For parents who desire to be able to control and keep track of what children are watching online and which websites are being visited, programs such as MobSafety Ranger Browser, VideoMonster, and QuStodio are three options that can help in this effort.

In addition, consider downloading the Trees Of Hope quarterly magazine that offers tangible tips and suggestions on how to speak to your children about sexuality and inappropriate sexual behavior. Coinciding with our magazine, our Sexual Abuse Prevention workshops can also help parents learn the signs of child sexual abuse, warning signs of adult and peer abusers, and what to do if inappropriate behavior has occurred.

You can learn more at and download our latest magazine here.

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