• Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana

The Next Public Health Crisis

More and more research continues to become available about the effects of pornography on our brain, heart, relationships and society. This research has helped us better understand what happens in the human body when viewing pornography, how it has helped create a hypersexualized pop culture, and how it is fueling the act of human trafficking.

There is no denying that pornography has become a public health crisis. Research available through FightTheNewDrug.com highlights the destructive influence that porn is having on our world. For starters, the Internet has helped fuel accessibility to porn, creating more damage. Between 1998 and 2007, the number of porn-related websites grew by 1,800 percent. Fast forward to 2004, and 30 percent of all Internet data was porn related. As it continued to grow, its content also evolved from explicit depictions of sexual intercourse into sadomasochistic themes that featured abuse, humiliation, degradation and hatred.

As the pornography industry evolved, the human trafficking industry grew as well. Did you know that over 66 percent of calls made to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center involves sex trafficking, with almost 50 percent of all trafficking victims and 70 percent of those victims who are underage, stating that pornography was made of them while they were enslaved?

In addition, many of today’s teens and children are getting their sex education from pornography. Explicit images and videos are often just a few keyboard strokes away. Instead of showcasing accurate accounts of healthy sex that include communications, cuddling, bonding touch, and being respectful and responsive to the partner’s needs and desires, pornography is warping the minds of young men and women with dangerous and/or brutal sex acts, gang rape, unprotected sex and more.

This indoctrination into the minds of children and teens can be stopped by spreading the truth about pornography.

This is why Trees of Hope has collaborated with the organization PeopleNotPorn.com. This organization has set out to declare pornography as a public health crisis in the state of Florida. The strides that have been made just this past week are historical. On February 14th, 2018 the resolution passed on the House Floor. The next vote will take place by March 9, 2018. According to Mike Sheedy, executive director of the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, if the resolution passes it “would not ban pornography or create legal consequences for its use or distribution. However, it would be the first step in paving the way for more research and education on pornography’s hazardous effects, especially among children and teens."

At Trees of Hope, part of our mission is to protect children from the devastating effects of sexual abuse. We do this by teaching parents ways to have open dialogue with their children about sexual abuse and pornography. If you are interested in learning more and hosting a workshop at your house, school or church, please contact us today.

If you agree that pornography is a health crisis and is perverting the minds of our children, driving human trafficking, and harming our minds, bodies and relationships, read the resolution and sign the petition today.

You can also learn more about the detrimental effects of pornography and how to get help, please let us know and we will send you our SAP Magazine. Other resources available are:

To find information specifically suitable for adults, visit:

If you have been a victim of human trafficking, sexual assault or sexual abuse, reach out to someone at Trees of Hope for help.

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