A Year of Challenges and Blessings

2020 has been a year of incredible challenges, without a doubt. But it has also been a year of great provision and blessing from God. Like many ministries and businesses affected by COVID-19, we had to pivot in the way we serve our community by overcoming some major obstacles on our path as social distancing requirements limited our capacity to raise funds for our programs designed to protect children and heal survivors of sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse Doesn't Go Away During a Pandemic

Tragically, some people become even more vulnerable to abuse while staying at home. I’ve shared before the heartbreaking statistic that a child is sexually abused in America every nine minutes. I suspect that number will be even greater with so many children staying home during this time.

God is A Way Maker

This year dealt us the double blow of having to meet new and increasing demand as our resources shrunk. The pandemic forced us to cancel our main fundraiser, which took a big bite out of our critical operating funds. In addition to losing the income generated by our fundraiser, we also saw a dramatic drop-off in monthly giving. However, despite these losses, God provided the means through several incredible donors and churches who financially lifted the burden and helped us stay diligent and on task to complete all our 2020 projects.

The Need For Our Programs Remains High.

This includes our free workshops for adults who want to learn more about how to protect the children they love; our healing support groups guiding survivors through the restoration and healing process; our survivor-led online program and podcast; and our many educational resources designed to help people of all ages understand the problems associated with sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Our Impact in 2020

To meet the needs of this year, our team remained flexible and resilient. We continued to press on in our work to fight the silent epidemic of sexual abuse by still offering our necessary programs that help protect future generations from sexual abuse through education and outreach and help survivors heal..













2021 Projects To Sponsor

  • New Healing Curriculum 

    Trees of Hope was given the opportunity to purchase the rights to the curriculum we've always used for our healing programs. This has opened the door for us to reformat the content and design to make the book custom-tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our organization. This will also allow us to split the curriculum into a textbook and a workbook, as well as to create Audible & Kindle versions. The goal is to use these newly customized resources to be more effective in our healing programs, as well as to create a revenue stream for Trees of Hope.

  • Sexual Harassment Training Guide in the Workplace

    Unfortunately, sexual harassment at work is more prevalent than employers like to admit. At any given time, employees can find themselves in situations where the distinction between what is and isn’t appropriate isn’t clear. And even the best business ethics training or sexual harassment training can’t prepare everyone for every single scenario. But sexual harassment awareness and proper education, especially as it relates to prevention, needs to start somewhere. And it needs to start now.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Students

    Approximately 4.5 million students are subject to some kind of sexual misconduct ranging from inappropriate sexual comments to outright molestation by another student. There are many types of sexual harassment, including verbal, non-verbal, physical, and cyber. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Students will include a variety of chapters dedicated to helping students prevent incidents of sexual harassment. With preventative education, training, and preparedness, we hope that we can work together to make schools a safer place for all students.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Churches and Ministries

    It is imperative that churches and nonprofits understand the legal, practical and public implications of sexual harassment. A poorly handled response to such allegations will tarnish the mission of an organization and may lead to expensive and time-consuming legal issues. Churches and nonprofit organizations are designed to help, not to hurt people. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that these organizations take action to prevent this threat from taking root in the first place and carefully address any issues that do arise in a prompt and honest way. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Churches and Ministries will help churches and faith communities formulate policies and procedures to protect children and address possible abuse in their ministries.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Schools and Administrators 

    Schools are entrusted with the responsibility of educating youth and keeping them safe throughout the day. Yet, each year, students fall victim to unacceptable behaviors with sexual overtones, ranging from inappropriate touching and online conversations to physical sexual assault. Schools and school administrators must demonstrate a strong commitment to the elimination of behaviors known as sexual abuse or sexual harassment by other students and any school personnel. Efforts to address sexual harassment are strengthened by policies and procedures that describe appropriate, allowable behaviors, identify inappropriate and illegal actions, and outline methods for addressing allegations of sexual harassment in schools.

  • Healing Study for Parents of Survivors 

    We recently noticed a trend after survivors come forward about their abuse. After they share their stories with their family, the parents of the victim are left feeling hopeless, wishing they could have done something different during the time of the abuse. The Reclaim study is specifically for parents and caregivers of survivors, who need to walk through the grieving process and experience their own healing from the abuse that affected their family.

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