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Healing Program FAQ

How do participants sign up for a healing group?

Healing groups are held in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Each semester is thirteen weeks in duration. All groups are posted on the Trees of Hope website several months prior to that semester's start of class. If groups are in session or we do not have any listed, a waiting list will be on the website for participants to add their name to. Once the groups open up for registration, an email will be sent out to everyone on the waiting list.

What is the format of the Trees of Hope healing groups?

Our format is curriculum-based. For our women’s healing group, we use the Shelter from the Storm: Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse book which is a Christ-centered thirteen-week curriculum. For our men’s healing group, we use the Restoring Relationships book. For our teen girl’s healing group, we use the Thorn book and for our teen boy’s healing group we use the Nobleman book. Most of the resources listed can be purchased right here on the Trees of Hope website.

How many participants are in a group?

The maximum number of participants per group is eight in order to foster openness and transparency, and to allow all attendees to fully participate in the study.

What ages can participate in the healing groups?

For the adult group’s (Shelter and Renew) participants need to be at least 18 years of age. For our teen healing group’s (Thorn and Nobleman) participants need to be 13-17. Each participant will be required to sign a pledge of confidentiality and healing group guideline forms.

What is the group meeting schedule?

Participants will attend group meetings once a week. We do not have set days or times, as groups vary per semester. All of our available groups and their times are posted on our website. If you cannot find a group date or time, it means that the group is currently in a waiting list status. If you sign up for the waiting list, we will notify you via email once the group availability opens up. Participants may choose what group night they will attend as long as space is available.

How long are the semesters?

Healing groups are held in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Each semester is thirteen weeks in duration. Our semester begins the first night with orientation and the semester will end with a graduation celebration for the group.

What are the requirements for graduation?

Participants who commit to completing one healing group semester will be eligible to graduate from the program facilitated by Trees of Hope. However, graduating does not guarantee healing.

How long are the weekly meetings?

Healing groups meet weekly and are scheduled for two hours.

Is there a fee for participating in the healing group?

No! Our healing groups are completely free. However, you do need to buy your book and workbook. 

Can family members attend a healing group meeting?

No. The dynamics of the family system would impact the process of the group. Participants need the freedom to express their past and present hurts in a safe environment.

Can someone join the support group anytime during the semester?

No. Healing groups are closed groups and no one will be allowed to join after the groups have started. Groups are held three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. New participants must wait until the next group semester to join the support group.

 If someone was sexually abused as a teen or an adult. Can they participate in a healing group?

Yes. The same principles for healing from childhood sexual abuse can be applied to sexual abuse as a teen or an adult.

Is child care provided?

No. Child care must be arranged in advance by participants. Children are not allowed in the support group setting. In addition, accommodations must also be made in advance for pets, as they are not permitted in the support group environment.

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