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Here’s a Look at What We’re Working On & How You Can Get Help

At Trees of Hope, we are committed to ending the scourge of childhood sexual abuse through prevention education. The only way to do this is to partner with parents and help guide them as they take back control over what their children are learning through sexual education.
Here are some of the projects we’re working on for the last half of 2022:


Sex Ed Curriculum for Parents

The reality is that when parents try to teach kids about sex, they are often confused about what to say and when to say it, so they avoid the topic altogether.


A study by Power to Decide surveyed over 3,000 young people ages 12-15. When asked who are the highest influencers regarding their sexual decision-making, 52% said parents. Therefore, parents and guardians must play an active role, early and ongoing, to ensure young people are prepared, not scared, along their journey to adulthood!


We created the Facts of Life human sexuality series for parents to help them lead their children in positive, healthy, and accurate body knowledge. Trees of Hope has a vision of being the go-to organization for all sexual abuse and prevention material, with intergenerational and responsive approaches to the topic.


This series aims to partner with parents to help them confidently retain control over what their children are learning about sex education. We believe that it is the parent's responsibility to educate their children on sex education and to equip them with ways to protect their bodies from sexual dangers.

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Prevention Videos for Teens

Teens face dangers from predators in their natural and online worlds. Our Prevent training for teens will help participants understand their risks and equip them to incorporate personal safety into their decision-making.

We also know that teens are often more receptive to information in video format instead of guides and workbooks.
The Prevent workshop for teens includes the following:

  • Defining sexual abuse

  • Reviewing the grooming process

  • Sexual abuse myths

  • Online sexual abuse precautions

  • Tips for online safety

  • Teen dating violence

  • Commonly used drugs in sexual abuse

  • Symptoms of sexual abuse 

  • Body safety guidelines 

  • Steps to take after sexual abuse

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Spanish Translation of Our Prevention and Healing Curriculum

We are growing increasingly aware of the need for all material to be translated into Spanish. We know that sexual abuse never discriminates, and we want to bring the messages of protection and healing to everyone, regardless of language.


We have partnered with a ministry in Colombia to host healing groups with this new Spanish curriculum and teach the community's parents ways to protect their children from sexual abuse.


Healing Devotional for Survivors

We have seen how our hope-filled stories eventually begin to intertwine and connect. A survivor's journey with Trees of Hope does not stop once they have gone through a healing support group. Often, the group experience is where a participant will hear the gospel for the first time, and after the group is over, they don't know where to go to church or how to deepen their relationship with God.
We created a devotional that participants will receive once they complete the Shelter study. It will help them after the group experience to deepen their new relationship with Christ or strengthen the relationship they already had.

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Healing Study for Men

Renew, designed exclusively for men, is customized to work with an underserved group in the realm of sexual abuse.


In many cases and for many reasons, men have not shared this traumatic experience with others. Renew is a safe way for men to learn critical concepts and methods to begin the healing process.


Using a specialized curriculum and online videos, men will journey through various steps, from identifying the event to victim, survivor, and thriver.


With God's love and healing power, men learn that the restoration process is possible and within reach. The Renew videos and the book/workbook will launch in October 2022.


Healing Study for Parents of Survivors

Redeem is an eight-week healing study for parents who have learned their child has been sexually abused.
Redeem will walk parents through several areas of a child's life affected by sexual abuse while offering sound guidance as they join their child and heal emotionally and spiritually. With the comfort, refuge, and hope found in Jesus, deliverance, and healing are waiting to greet them. 
Redeem is a critical part of the Trees of Hope mission to not only help prevent childhood sexual abuse but also to help survivors heal from their abuse.


Healing Study for Youth Who Have a Pornography Addiction

Hearten, our 12-week study for teens stuck in pornography addiction, will help youth see the damaging effects of pornography consumption and help them understand how God views sexual intimacy.


Hearten will be a driving force that will help teens overcome their porn addiction.

How Can You Help Trees of Hope End the Scourge of Childhood Sexual Abuse? 

We live in a world that seems determined to sexualize our children and rob them of their innocence. But we are not helpless. Change starts with us! 
We need partners like you to help us fight back and protect our vulnerable youth.


We believe that we will be able to complete all these projects by January 2023. Please pray with us for God’s provision and protection to enable us to meet this timeline.



Become a Hope Giver

Your monthly gift will give families the resources and training they need to prevent sexual abuse. Become a monthly or quarterly donor and help us continue providing prevention and healing resources for free at our prevention workshops. Even $20 a month can make a huge difference!

Spread The Word

Do you attend a local church and want to see us host a prevention workshop or orientation on our Shelter healing study at your church? Then, help us get the word out by telling your pastor or someone in leadership about the prevention and healing work Trees of Hope does in the community. We can provide you with our information book to help them get to know us better and how important this topic is.

Start a Fundraiser

You can start a fundraiser and reach out to your family and friends to spread the word about your efforts. Donate your birthday, do a run, create a fundraiser on Facebook, or simply spread the word.

“The Spirit of the Lord God is on me because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and freedom to the prisoners.”

Isaiah 61:1