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The Story Begins With Pain.

According to The Advocacy Center, 1 in 3  girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the time they reach their 18th birthday. The founder of Trees of Hope knew this statistic too well. When she was five years old, a family friend who was a house-guest in her parent’s home, sexually abused her. That act of abuse was not only a physical violation against a little girl; it also violated her trust and relationship boundaries.  

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Hope Begins With Healing.

In 2006, we conducted our first small group healing study with five women and when that group ended, only one woman graduated. Since that time,  we have had over 5,500 people attend a prevention workshop or walk through one of our healing support groups.

True Love Protects.

In 2010, Trees of Hope conducted its first prevention workshop for a mom's group at Rio Vista Church and at that workshop, a parent went home and talked about what she learned with her child. During that conversation, the child revealed that he was being sexually abused by a teenage neighbor. Unfortunately, stories like this happen more frequently as Trees of Hope educates people on the topic of sexual abuse. After that workshop, we knew we had to add prevention education to our programming. This is when our mission of protecting the future and healing the past from sexual abuse was born.

Trees of Hope is a non-profit that educates parents on ways to prevent sexual abuse and hosts survivor-led healing groups for those who have been affected by sexual abuse. We believe we can slow down the statistics of child sex abuse by educating parents on practical ways to safeguard their children in today's world. Our healing groups provide hope and show survivors of sexual abuse how to live full, healed and restored lives.  

You were created. You are loved. 

What happened to you was not your fault.

What We Believe.

There is hope. Healing is possible.


What's Next?

It’s been thirteen years since Trees of Hope started, and we’re still fighting to protect children and healing people from sexual abuse. We believe we can fulfill our mission by educating parents and bringing hope to the sexually abused. If you want to help support our mission, you can get involved by hosting an event, ordering our Rise prevention magazine, or make a one-time donation.

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